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It’s time for Top Ten lists. Critics and commentators in every form of media have been coming up with their year-end lists, from sports to movies to art. But today’s list of the Top Ten houses in Los Angeles really caught my attention. Like music to my ears, this is another confirmation of the legacy of residential architecture in Southern California. Not surprisingly, the number one consensus choice of the panel of experts was Schindler’s Kings Road house. The extended on-line photo essay is a delightful architectural tour.shulman_book

One of my favorite gifts this season came from my neighbor Craig Krull, who shares my dual passions for architecture and the history of Los Angeles art. Krull presented me with a copy of Julius Shulman’s photo essay on the building of the photographer’s own house in the Hollywood Hills. This spiral bound gem is a limited edition of Shulman’s original prints, detailing the construction of his Raphael Soriano home. Each print is reproduced with the photographer’s stamp. It reminds me of the times I went to new home construction sites as a kid, with my father pointing out the footings and framing.


Written by Frank Lloyd

December 28, 2008 at 12:03 am

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