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A Review to Remember

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Today’s Los Angeles Times review of Richard Shaw’s exhibit is nothing less than a rave. Leah Ollman’s thorough, insightful prose touches all of the parts that make up the whole. The review includes observations on Shaw’s technique, autobiography, humor, and predecessors.  The writing is informed, inclusive and inspired, especially when Ollman considers the layers of meaning in Shaw’s constructions:

“The verism dazzles. Beyond the sophisticated trickery, however, there is wisdom, humor and tenderness. The house, the box and even the little paper plate are all vessels of one sort or another, a subtle nod to ceramics tradition. (Many works by Shaw conceal actual jar-like hollows within.) The cabin, a sculpture sitting on its humble pedestal, also reads as a metaphor for the artist’s self-made world, a shelter and refuge shaped by hand. At the same time, it’s all an assemblage of everyday stuff from the studio, the product, perhaps, of playful procrastination.”


Written by Frank Lloyd

February 5, 2009 at 10:28 pm

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  1. […] Link to Ms. Ollman’s review. Link to Frank’s gallery Web site. If I was in LA, I’d make a trip to see this show. Also see the entry on Frank’s blog. […]

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