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For today, just a little food for thought. Here’s a quote from a review of the Art Show in New York, published February 19, 2009:

“In boom times art dealers tend to get demonized on the way up and the way down. They deserve it, some people say. But the art world’s zealously tended hierarchy—artists on top, art dealers at the bottom—has never been right.

Art dealers put their money where their vision is; only artists take greater risks. They help artists do what we all hope to do: make a living at something they love. If the non-artists in the realm of art achieve this state—and some of us are privileged to do so—it is partly because of the strange, tenuous, sometimes infuriating world that art dealers help construct, one day, artist or artwork at a time.”

—-Roberta Smith, “Rewards and Clarity in a Show of Restraint”, New York Times


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February 20, 2009 at 10:04 pm

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