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Jennifer Lee: Hand Building

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The preparation for the exhibit of Jennifer Lee’s work has begun.  As a result, I am anticipating lots of questions about the subtle coloration of Jennifer’s pots.  The work resembles natural processes, and yet is clearly an artifact.  Viewers are always curious about the materials and the methods.

There are two main things to remember.  First, all of the pots are formed by hand, and second, Jennifer does not use any glaze.  All of the coloration comes from her use of oxides.  The lines and haloes are also from the metallic oxides, which are fused into the clay.  Thus, the color continues on the inside of the piece, uniting and animating the interior with the exterior.

But why read more? One can easily watch and listen to the artist describe her work here:

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March 6, 2009 at 8:21 pm

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