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Special Delivery

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Fragile: handle with care.  That’s what the red sticker on the outside of the box reads.  We’re always taking care of rare art here at the gallery.  There are strict gallery rules about the way we move art, and the way we hold and lift sculpture.  Sure, ceramics are considered to be the most delicate of the arts, but in truth…fired clay is very durable.  That’s one of the reasons the medium has a 10,000 year history.  It’s strong.

Let’s take a look at just how resilient this material is.  Consider the artists.  You’d think they’d be really uptight about moving their own work.  But to the contrary, the artists are often the most carefree. They are, when it comes down to it…kind of casual with their art.  I’ve seen pieces arrive in the back seat of a car, unwrapped and unguarded.  More often, I’ve seen works of art arrive in the back of a pick up truck—lying in the bed like a bunch of lumber.

Artist Tony Marsh makes some of the most delicate, shimmering and…seemingly fragile work.  But he brought his current show to the gallery—in an open truck.  Here’s a peek behind the scenes at his means of art transport.


Written by Frank Lloyd

September 10, 2009 at 12:32 am

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