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The press is coming…about Pacific Standard Time. For those who are willing and able to devote some time, there are lots of resources. Want to read about the big Getty-sponsored initiative? You’ll  have choices, and can read about dozens of exhibits, personalities, legends and history—in print and on line. Start with the Los Angeles Times and the Getty’s own massive site, and just follow the links. Or, take a look at the October issues of several magazines, including Art in America, or Art and Auction, coming out soon. As big print presses roll and little digital pixels emit, the world will have a hard time avoiding Pacific Standard Time. For backgound, look to the excellent article by Jori Finkel in today’s L.A. Times, and be sure to read Hunter Drohojowska Philp’s introduction to the artists and the time period. Or, take a look at the critic’s notebook about the upcoming “Crosscurrents” show at the Getty Museum, written by Christopher Knight.

For those with an eye for classic black and white photos, there’s an archival photo show from the Times. And for further reading and more images, it’s fun to meander around the section titled “People” on the main Pacific Standard Time site. Whatever you do, don’t forget that the artists from the Frank Lloyd Gallery, like Larry Bell, John Mason, Peter Voulkos and Craig Kauffman, are absolutely central to the development of contemporary art in Los Angeles.

From left to right: Vivian Rowan, Larry Bell, Avilda Moses, Ed Moses, the late Patricia Faure and the late Craig Kauffman. Photo taken in 2006 and copyright by Alan Shaffer.


Written by Frank Lloyd

September 18, 2011 at 5:03 am

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