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Top Ten Reasons to See Sensual/Mechanical

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Last fall, the gallery presented a show of works from the Estate of Craig Kauffman.  The same is true this year.  As our opening show for the season, we are really proud to have Sensual/Mechanical, an historic survey that traces the development of Craig Kauffman’s paintings, from 1958 to 1964. We are a participating gallery in the Pacific Standard Time series of exhibitions, an initiative of the Getty. We organized our Kauffman show to complement the efforts of the museums, and to provide a backstory, kind of like a “prequel” to the upcoming museum shows. Six of those museum shows include Kauffman’s works.  Come to see our show first! Here’s why:

  1. Come see our show because it will reveal the background for the works you will see in other Pacific Standard Time exhibits.
  2. See this show because it will help you understand the origins of the imagery and forms in Kauffman’s paintings.
  3. Our show includes some works that haven’t been seen since 1958, some paintings that haven’t been seen since 1963, and several drawings which have never been exhibited.
  4. The two 1958 paintings were included in a Ferus gallery show that marks a turning point. “The ‘clean’ Abstract Expressionist work by Craig Kauffman,” critic Peter Plagens has written, “could be the point at which Los Angeles art decided to live on its own life-terms, instead of those handed down from Paris, New York, or even San Francisco.”
  5. Come see a show that is hot, sexy and playful (maybe this should be #1?).
  6. Several art historians, curators and critics have already seen this show and given it “two thumbs up”.
  7. Learn that Kauffman was influenced by French things: Duchamp, a street in Paris named Git le Couer, and lingerie.
  8. Overcome the stereotypes and mythology about Los Angeles art, which was far more sophisticated than you may know.
  9. See how much Kauffman made use of drawing—in each phase of his work.
  10. We worked our butts off to make this show available, and it’s free!

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