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Monte’s Gifts

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Monte’s Gifts

by Diane Factor


The drape, cut, feel of a fine suit

The brim, fit, weight of a perfect hat

The taste of butter, salt and milk in mashed potatoes

The chewed, moistened, odor of a good cigar

The lines, smell, leather of a classic car

The soft velvet ears, of dogs and horses

The bold, original, penetration of a jazz riff

The drip, ooze, guts of strong painting

The sweetness, balm, elegance of a poem

The subtlety, surprise, nuance, of an off color joke

The relief, breathless, joy of an unmuted laugh

The patience, feedback, leveling, of a long talk

The planted, soft, so there, of a good bye kiss

The warm, swollen grip of an old hand

The forgiving, honest, love of a father

The beautiful, proud manner of a man

The simple, peaceful way of letting go.



Written by Frank Lloyd

December 20, 2011 at 8:58 pm

Posted in Art, Collectors

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