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Peter Frank Haiku

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A little while ago, the gallery’s January show was reviewed in the Huffington Post by Peter Frank.  Like the HuffPo folks say, these short reviews are sometimes in the traditional Haiku form of 5x7x5 syllables.  But other writers might produce a sonnet,  and some might take to free-form verse. It’s amazing how writers like Peter Frank can pack a lot of content into a small space.  For anyone who missed it, here’s the text:

“Peter Voulkos in L.A.: Time Capsule” is the kind of show Pacific Standard Time has been all too short of: an intimate look at the taste and thinking and working methods of an influential figure. Everything in the show, drawn from the artist’s daughter’s collection, was small in scale and dated from the later 1950s, the time at which Voulkos adopted and promulgated a painterly approach to ceramics, liberating the craft from functional restraints and allowing it to present itself as sculpture – or even painting. None of Voulkos’ own canvases were included, but several paintings by friends and students spoke tellingly to and with Voulkos’ pots and plates and planks and those of his colleagues, including John Mason, Ed Kienholz, and the late Kenneth Price. Billy Al Bengston’s work from this time in oil, ink, and clay is of special remark here – the Pop painter considers Voulkos his greatest teacher, and these items bespoke that influence. Henry Takemoto was the one name here emerging from obscurity, with rough-and-tumble plates every bit as funky and muscular as Voulkos’. What became of him?”

We also made a video walk-through of the show, and this gives those who missed it a chance to see it up close:


Written by Frank Lloyd

April 4, 2012 at 11:57 pm

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