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Serving Ceramic Artists

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I’ve always been proud of the gallery’s commitment to doing our best for the artists we represent and show, whether they are painters, sculptors or ceramists. Our exhibition program primarily emphasizes major West Coast artists who have emerged since 1950, and presents ceramic sculpture in the context of the contemporary art world. In fact, 77% of our shows since 2004 have featured ceramics! Out of the eight shows we’ve held this year, six have included ceramics, for a total of 14 ceramists shown.

I’ve always felt that exhibiting ceramic artwork in the company of other mediums is one of the best ways to overcome the traditional hierarchy of materials. At the Ferus Gallery during the 1960s, ceramic artists worked and showed alongside painters and sculptors – they were friends and peers. Continuing that tradition at Frank Lloyd Gallery supports my view that we don’t need to differentiate between ceramists and other artists.

Showing ceramics to the exclusion of other materials only reinforces the conception of ceramic art as somehow “different” from other art forms. It’s my view that this obscures the ways in which ceramic art is a part of the the larger art historical conversation. Another point is that most of the so-called “clay artists” have always worked in other media. Take Ken Price, for instance. Our current show features some of his lithographs and silkscreen prints in addition to ceramic pieces, and he also produced watercolors and worked in bronze composites.


Written by Frank Lloyd

October 2, 2012 at 11:26 pm

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