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Education at the Gallery

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Henry and AdrianI’ve written before about some of the educational programs we’ve presented at the gallery. Last time, I used a big yellow school bus as the illustration, and wrote about a couple of gallery talks by experts. But this week I had a chance to review some of the many other programs.

In the past ten years, speakers have presented gallery walk-throughs, interviews have been conducted, and conversations between artists have been recorded. This public service has been intended to provide a forum for discussion and a resource for the art community of Los Angeles.

The gallery also offered a class on art collecting that Larry Bell Hunter talk copycomprised of a series of talks, titled “The First Class, Parts One and Two”. Speakers came from the museum world, such as the late Henry Hopkins, Director of the UCLA Hammer Museum, and Charlotte Eyerman, former curator at the Getty Museum. Highly recognized journalists, including Suzanne Muchnic, staff art writer at the Los Angeles Times for 3 decades, and Hunter Drohojowska-Philp, author of biographies on Georgia O’Keefe and Craig Kauffman, gave lectures.

Berlant Lecture 005 copy2We have also hosted exhibition walk-throughs by artists, as well as conversations between artists and journalists. One very memorable event was a conversation between Tony Berlant and Tony Marsh, both admirers of the ancient work of the Mimbres potters. By guiding art enthusiasts through the exhibition and engaging with them in discussion about the works on display, the artists that have participated in our walk-throughs and conversations contribute to the educational mission of the gallery.


Written by Frank Lloyd

January 17, 2013 at 1:51 am

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