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Artists Inspiring Writers

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FTS067When a writer is moved by a particular artist’s work, their writing seems to flow from them naturally. The artist currently on display at the gallery, Cheryl Ann Thomas, has been the inspiration for some evocative art writing. This doesn’t surprise me at all, as her work is open to interpretation as it draws you in.

Here are two of my favorite quotes about Cheryl Ann Thomas:

Writing for Art in America in 2009, Constance Mallinson described Cheryl’s work: “Although completely useless as vessels, the resulting forms are exquisite and very delicate, richly open-ended in their associations. Often suggesting organic forms like hives, cocoons, seashells, eggs, husks, and seedpods, the pieces are, due to their monochromatic coloration, just as likely to evoke artifacts uncovered at archeological sites.”1

More recently, Elaine Levin wrote an insightful review for Ceramics: Art and Perception and commented on a specific piece, seen here. She noted that “The rhythmical swirl of the frayed and tattered strands creates open spaces for unexpected lightness. At the same time, the sculpture is the embodiment of fragility and vulnerability.”2

1 Mallinson, Constance, “Cheryl Ann Thomas,” Art in America, (March 2009): 154.

2 Levine, Elaine, “Fragility and Loss,” Ceramics: Art and Perception no. 85 (2011): 30.