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Beatrice Wood at the Frank Lloyd Gallery

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CWD181_A copyThe gallery’s next exhibition will present works by Beatrice Wood (1893-1998) alongside those of Gustavo Pérez and Cheryl Ann Thomas. Opening on May 24th, this show will be the fourth time I have shown Wood’s ceramics.

This selection of work will feature vessels as vibrant as Wood’s famous life and personality. With ties to the Dada movement in New York, the theosophy community outside Los Angeles, and the West Coast Crafts revival, Wood developed a personal vision of art that drew on myriad influences. The pieces on display artfully contrast simple forms with richly complex surface treatments. With her signature in-glaze luster technique, Wood created artworks that shimmer with vivid color, reflecting the changing light.

Although I have not had Wood’s work on view for several years, her work was recently the subject of a Pacific Standard Time show at the Santa Monica Museum of Art. Called Beatrice Wood: Career Woman – Drawings, Paintings, Vessels, and Objects, the exhibition offered a survey of Wood’s long career, from her earlier Dada inspired drawings and paintings through her more well-known ceramic works.

Irving Blum: About Peter Voulkos and Collecting

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One evening this summer at the Santa Monica Museum of Art, Irving Blum spoke. Elsa Longhauser, Director of the museum, invited guests to ask Irving questions. Though the Ask Irving event was designed around the exhibit by Andrew Lord, Irving gave a personal statement about his life, his career, the art he admires, and what he collects.

Just a few days before that event, Irving stopped by my gallery to see a show.  He’s a frequent visitor, and we talk about artists or his collection.  I showed him a 1961 work by Peter Voulkos, and he was amazed. To my surprise, he asked to borrow it—he wanted to have it on stage for the Ask Irving event. Here’s what he said to the audience that night:

“By the way, I walked into Frank Lloyd’s gallery a couple of days ago to visit with him, and I saw this absolutely astonishing pot by Peter Voulkos. Now for me, Picasso is to painting what Voulkos is to the world of ceramic. He’s simply peerless. Absolutely peerless. And I’d like for you—there’s nothing that can really substitute for looking, and I’d like for you, when this is over—to examine the Voulkos pot and to begin to understand my feeling about it. The method of putting a clay collection together is not unlike collecting paintings. You assemble as much data as possible, and ultimately rely on looking and making comparisons. It’s important to have a visual vocabulary that you can rely on. I collect paintings as well as ceramic.”

To see and hear the whole conversation, visit the Santa Monica Museum’s website.

Written by Frank Lloyd

October 10, 2010 at 12:22 am