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Formal Themes

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Looking back through the gallery’s exhibition history, I am struck by how many shows have been organized around formal themes. Group shows including artists working with different materials have the potential to help viewers make connections between works that they might not have noticed otherwise. These kinds of shows can add context to individual artist’s works, and illustrate how related ideas have been explored by other artists.

Black and White, from 2007, was a group exhibition of paintings and ceramic sculpture. Working within a limited color palette, the artists emphasized composition and form. This led to the creation of bold, dramatic, and spare artworks that related strongly to each other.

Sensuality in the Abstract, also from 2007, included the work of three painters and three sculptors. Lacking a figurative focus, the paintings alluded to eroticism and sexuality through sumptuous color relationships and suggestive forms. The sculptors addressed sensuality in a similar manner, through rich surfaces and evocative shapes.

3 Abstract Painters, from 2011, focused on the planes and surfaces of geometric abstraction in the work of John McLaughlin, James Hayward, and Scot Heywood. Featuring the work of McLaughlin alongside two contemporary painters, the show demonstrated part of the evolution of abstract painting in Southern California.

Recently, the gallery presented Polyform (2013), a group show of four artists that placed contemporary ceramic sculpture alongside painting. This show illustrated the shared principles of sequencing, spatial and geometric relationships, and repetition. Consisting of multiple elements or engaging with the concept of multiplicity, the works heightened viewers’ awareness of the space they occupy.

Hearing From Scot Heywood (again)

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Last summer, I posted a video featuring Scot Heywood talking about his work and career, produced by the gallery for his show Polarities. It seems like a good time to re-post that video, as Scot Heywood is the subject of two complementary solo exhibitions this fall. Scot Heywood: A Survey of Large Paintings 2006-2013 opened last Saturday, October 19th, at the Pete and Susan Barrett Gallery at Santa Monica City College. Here at the gallery, we’ll be opening our own exhibition of Heywood’s work, titled Scot Heywood: A Survey of Small Paintings, this Saturday, October 26th, from 5:00 – 7:00 pm.

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October 23, 2013 at 11:48 pm

Fall Updates

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FBL020 copyI’m happy to announce that Larry Bell will be the subject of an upcoming solo exhibition at White Cube in London. On view from October 16th through December 22nd,  the show is timed to coincide with the Frieze London Art Fair. Bell will be presenting recent works in the North Galleries, as well as in the central 9 x 9 x 9 meter exhibition space that the gallery is known for. This show will increase Bell’s already considerable presence in London – he currently has two cubes and a very early box on display in the Minimalism Gallery at the Tate Modern. A photograph from 1972 can also be seen in the Prints and Drawings Study at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Another gallery artist, Wouter Dam, FDM090_A copyhas been included in the group show In Dialogue with the Baroque at Schloss Schleissheim, near Munich, Germany. This exhibition presents contemporary artists in the context of the baroquely decorated Schleissheim Castle. The sinuous, curving lines of Dam’s ceramic sculptures recall the formal principles of baroque ornamentation, making his work a natural fit. In Dialogue with the Baroque opened on September 1st, and will be on display through October 13th.

FPZ342_B copyMeanwhile, Gustavo Pérez’s international reputation continues to grow – he was included in Erskine, Hall & Coe’s Summer Show in London, and was featured in their earlier spring show, Classic and Contemporary. Pérez’s work will also be on display at the Galerie Capazza in Nançay, France, from October 5th – December 5th, 2013. This solo exhibition will include new works by the artist, who continues to pursue inventive methods of engaging with clay.

Scottish artist Jennifer Lee will open a self-titled solo show FJL059_B copyat Erskine, Hall & Coe on October 9th, which runs through November 1st. She was previously included in a group show alongside Pérez earlier this year titled Classic and Contemporary, also at Erskine, Hall & Coe. Lee’s work continues to evolve, her elegant vessels combining the geological power of nature with the beauty of human artifact.

Group_FTI068_FTI069 copyAkio Takamori has had a busy summer, and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down for the fall season. Takamori recently opened a solo exhibition titled Portraits Ordinaires at the Musée Ariana in Geneva, Switzerland, which will remain up until October 27th. He will also be included in Body and Soul: New International Ceramics, a group show at the Museum of Arts and Design, on view September 24th, 2013 – March 2nd, 2014.

Scot Heywood will be the the subject of two FHD051 copycomplementary solo shows, both opening in October. The first of these, titled Scot Heywood: A Survey of Large Paintings, 2006-2013, will open at Santa Monica College’s Barrett Gallery on October 22nd. It will remain on display through December 7th. His second show this fall, organized in concert with the first, is called Scot Heywood: A Survey of Small Paintings, and it will be on view here at the Frank Lloyd Gallery from October 26th – November 30th.

Videos from the Gallery

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The Frank Lloyd Gallery maintains a Vimeo channel, where we post videos of events held in the gallery. These videos document exhibition walk-throughs or conversations with artists, and allow friends of the gallery who were not able to attend the event in person to experience it nonetheless. So far we have produced five examples.

LA Time Capsule Scrn 1 copyThe first of these videos is an exhibition walk-through of our Pacific Standard Time show, Larry Bell: Early Works. We followed that up with an interview of Larry Bell by Hunter Drohojowska-Philp, where he shared the story of his discovery of the thin-film evaporation process.

The gallery’s next video production documented another of our PST shows – Peter Voulkos in L.A.: Time Capsule. Both Larry and Ollie Bell spoke about Peter Voulkos’ historical significance within the Los Angeles art scene, and offered commentary on the show, which presented work from the artist’s personal collection.

Our most recent videos document two shows that we Bell_Talk_Price_Vid copyexhibited over the summer. In one, I interviewed Scot Heywood regarding his show Polarities. Scot was great, speaking insightfully about his artistic development. In the other, Larry Bell returned to lead an exhibition walk-through of our Ken Price show. His close personal and professional relationship with Ken really came through as he shared stories about the artist and his work.

If you haven’t seen all of the videos we’ve produced, I encourage you to take a look at them on the Frank Lloyd Gallery Vimeo channel. We’re working on producing more of these, so stay tuned!

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January 18, 2013 at 11:57 pm

On the Record with Scot Heywood

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I am happy to share with you a new video featuring Scot Heywood and his show, Polarities, shot and produced by Ollie Bell. Scot met up with Ollie at the June 16th opening, where they decided to put something together to document the show. It was a pleasure to shoot here at the gallery, and an even greater pleasure to listen to Scot talk about his work.

In the video, you’ll hear from Scot about his roots in abstract expressionism, and how abstraction has always been central to his artistic practice. He also talks about his restrained aesthetic, and habit of investigating a single idea for several years before making a subtle but significant breakthrough.

This is the fourth video that Ollie has produced for us at the gallery, and it is as good as ever. His familiarity with the artists and their work always makes for a comfortable and fun atmosphere, and his work makes the art shine. I hope you’ll enjoy this video as much as I do, and don’t forget to stop by and see Scot’s work in person; his show Polarities runs until July 7th.


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June 28, 2012 at 7:08 pm